Gay My Way

Dykes on Bikes motorcycle group in a pride par...

Dykes on Bikes motorcycle group in a pride parade is considered a stereotype of butch lesbians. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Being gay in America does not define you, nor is it a social demotion.  I did not make the rules, but I know how to play the game.  I am not, refuse to be, like to hang around or be compared to the gay stereotype.  It is ugly, socially unacceptable, not respected and over dramatic.

I have made it an issue to be different and to gain respect for who I am.  I have also made it an issue to fight the stereotype so I stay away from the “community” as much as I can, but that  has ironically worked against me.

I will not and do not hide the fact that I am gay.  I will continue to be different, fight the stereotype and will be the first person to stand for equal rights.  It is a long way from where it could be or should be.

It’s time that we stop perpetuating stereotypes.  How are we going to gain the respect of society and argue for equal rights when our pride celebrations include gratuitous nudity, simulated sex acts and Dikes on Bikes being recognized as parade participants.

There is nothing wrong with expressing ourselves but it goes much further when that expression comes with some respect.

Respect ourselves; Express ourselves; accept ourselves.

My sexuality does not define me. I do.

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