About Me


Welcome to my blog.  Cool title, huh?  These about me sections are so subjective that I really don’t know what I should put here.  I absolutely like talking about myself and am comfortable doing so in a conversational way where there is interaction between others.  I am never short on words and always have something to say but when it comes to talking about myself and having to make assumptions on what you want to know about I find myself staring at the computer screen, in thought mode and over thinking even the most simple.  I am making an assumption,  putting way to much thought into what I want to share so I’ll just stick to basics.

I was born and raised in the Central valley of Northern California about 45 miles south of Sacramento, our state capital.   I have always enjoyed reading and writing.  My writing is an extension of loving to read and learned many years ago that it’s therapeutic, providing me a means to express myself.  It was my ability to express myself through my writing that played a major factor and helping me find the courage to accept and be okay with my sexuality.

The title of my blog sums up nicely what my intentions will be.  My intention with my blog is to share, entertain, educate, learn and encourage.  I will share my opinions and my sometimes twisted, dark sense of humor and there will be times where I just find myself wanting to vent.  No matter the reason I hope that you will come join me, learn a bit about me and share with me.  I have learned that sometimes the best lessons in life we learn through the struggles of others.

A bit much for the about me section.  I told you I had lots to talk about so come a  bit closer, sit back and relax and find a few minutes and let me welcome you,  to my silly life.


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