My Inspiration


 In my entry today I am going to introduce you to an amazing artist, however, to me he is much more, he is my mentor, D.R. Lowe. A local artist here in Modesto has been recognized in his ability to manipulate digital photos and create open interpetations of surrealism throught his artistic expression.  I may be a bit biased in my opinions with our artistic expressions taking different forms he was the first to help me understand art, I have always appreciated art but didn’t always quite understand it.

He encourage me to share my talents but, there were times I felt my writing made me vulnerable because it was from the stream of my consciousness, thoughts of memories that caused me great harm or pain or sometimes even joy and happiness.  He explained to me that some of our best work comes from those “places” and are the best to write about as others can easily  relate and here I am today, writing and enjoying every minute of it.

D.R. Lowe is known for his digital art and the top quality of the finished piece.  Well, I told you he was my inspiration, my muse and I wanted to share a couple of his poems and in the next entry I will be sharing his artwork, some of which he has been recognized for and placed with.

Your feedback is and would be appreciated.  The next entry will be the first poem of his entitled “Effigy.” 


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