Old habits die Slow

At some point in our lives we find ourselves struggling to let go, clinging to old habits or resentments making our progress forward difficult or seemingly impossible. We summon our stubborn pride when faced with an impasse in life, thrashing about hopelessly, fighting our defects. We recall the feelings of shame over past binges and the heartbreak over a failed relationship, living for a “me” instead of a “we” perspective, old habits die slow.

Change is frightening, the past may have been miserable but it was familiar. The necessity TO change, we fall back and our instinct is to fight. Intense feelings offered by the memories that haunt us and consumed by old habits and negative thought patterns, old habits die slow. The thought patterns that consume us suffocates our hopes, buries our dreams and prevents living from a “me” perspective.

We don’t have to fight anymore, if we pause in the midst of our struggles we can give ourselves time to let a new realization sink in, we have another choice, surrender. We can stop manipulating situations, surrender control and trust events will unfold on their own. Surrendering our control is an act of trust and a step towards self-acceptance and through acceptance we can find our serenity.

Surrender is not giving up, it is exchanging “we” for “me” and letting go. Letting go of old habits and negative thoughts we no longer feel alone, stronger than ever and share with others our personal experiences with the challenges of change, listening to others and not dismissing their ideas or their stories. Gaining a connection with others will help build a spiritual foundation that will sustain us in troubled times.

Times of pain are always opportunities to for growth. We don’t need to solve all our problems in a day and we don’t need to do it by ourselves. There are times were it may be easy to slip into those old ways of thinking, looking for impulsive, desperate or easy solutions but we need to remember our options our different. We may feel afraid when we are confronted with a problem but by cultivating a positive attitude based on faith and hope we can now put in perspective.

We are humans and personal growth is part of our experience and with all the freedom which it brings never be scared to take that leap of faith, never stop loving you and remember change is necessary in life and necessary change is good because in order to move forward we need to let go.


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