The First 10

Time, the whole concept is a dichotomy in life.  I mean, where is it when you want more of it and why won’t it slow down when it goes too fast?  I suppose time is symbolic of life in general and perhaps we should just embrace it and quit looking for more of it or hoping that it slows down.  I’m pretty sure I’ll be okay without wanting to find more of it but there are times where I will definitely wishing or wanting it to slow down because I don’t like when things are moving too fast, like the first 10 days.

This past year seemed to fly right on by.  I did see lots of personal changes last year which can explain why it seemed to zip on by.  After all, in one year I sold all my possessions, said my goodbyes to all my friends and family and gave up all that I knew and comfortable with and moved to Tennessee and then later to Virginia, doing this all for a relationship that became an absolute disaster which found me moving back to California with all this taking place in a span of 365 days.  It is no wonder and should come as no surprise to me that time and life seemed to fly right by.

Hmm… then I had an epiphany.  Is time relative to how fast WE are moving through life?  The old clique, time goes by slow when you are having fun makes a bit more sense if we put it in perspective.  Well, I am still waiting for the answer to that question because if the first 10 days of this new year stands in as a benchmark with time being relative to how fast we move through life,  let’s just say I am in for another long year that will fly right on by.  Make sense?  It will if you look at the dichotomy of time relative the dichotomy in life.

Exactly the reason why life  in general is never easy to explain and even more so to understand which is why after these first 10 days I decided to quit thinking about life and time and start living life.  There is nothing wrong with trying to understand life but becomes a problem if you stop living life to understand life.

Time to start living and embrace all that life will bring and quit wasting my time on wondering WHY.


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